11 Key Personality Characteristics of Successful People – Do You Have What it Takes?

(This is Part 1 of a series of articles on the Success Mindset – the personality characteristics of successful people (part 1), and the ‘behaviors’ (part 2) you can adopt and make your common daily practice to achieve more success in your life).

Successful People certainly share a set of common personality characteristics. Here’s a checklist of personality characteristics shared by Successful People.

1. Always Dream Big! –

Successful people always see the ‘big picture’. It takes the same effort to dream big as it does to dream small. You have to believe it’s possible.

2. Have Passion – it’s Paramount! –

Successful People are passionate about all they do. They jump right in and do what they do with panache and style. They don’t do things by halves.

‘Do what you love and love what you do’ … Success is more than just money – it’s being challenged, happy, and passionate about what you do, and the success and money will follow …

3. Have Clear Vision and Focus –

Keep your Vision clearly focused before you. Live your highest Vision, and affirm it every day with joy and fun …

4. Maintain Powerfully Supportive Positive Beliefs –

Successful people always see the positive. It’s vitally important to your success that you cultivate positive Beliefs. When we try to make changes, our brain and ego goes for a search in our inner filing cabinet of beliefs to support the status quo. When opposing beliefs show up people tend to cave in.

5. Maintain a Deep Conviction that You Will and Deserve to Achieve the Success You Desire

True winners know they deserve … Don’t waver because the Universe will pick up on your equivocation and think you’re really not serious about wanting it.

6. Know How To Work with the Law of Attraction to Achieve Success –

Access and put into practice Law of Attraction principles to help you Get WhatYou Want …

7. Are Persistent – Never Give Up …

Unstoppable people have persistence. You’re not going anywhere without it. If you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way to get it. You’re in this for the long haul.

Winners know how to get beyond problems and obstacles. ‘NO’ does not exist in the Success Mindset. Successful people find their way around obstacles. They see them as a challenge – it fires them up even more …

8. Are Quick Decision Makers –

Successful people are decisive. They know that Success and money likes speed …

Make your decisions with power and clarity and make more decisions in every day. Each time you make a decision, you become a filter that clarifies what you want and the Universe begins flowing circumstances and people towards its manifestation.

9. Are Risk Takers –

You’ll never know unless you try … Go on, give it a try! You’ll be pleasantly surprised and feel like a million bucks! …

10. Bounce Back from Failures –

Successful people bounce back from failure because they know how to learn from them and see it as a step closer to succeeding. It’s a learning experience that also enables them to de-bug what they’re doing.

The quicker you bounce back from adversity, the faster you’ll get to enjoy Success. It’s a numbers game – the number of things you try, the number of calls you make …

11. Inspire Others in Your Vision –

Successful people have a knack for inspiring and leading others in a Vision much bigger than those people can dream on their own.

Your enthusiasm will be infectious – get other people excited about the possibilities.

Do you have these characteristics? Know that you can cultivate them – if you can dream big, have passion, clear vision and focus, are supremely positive and believe that you’ll succeed, are persistent, think and act decisively, and bounce back easily …

© Copyright – Kathy Baker

Source by Kathy Baker