2008 Beach Wedding Favors and Ideas

Beach and destination weddings have increased in popularity over the years and it's no wonder – the beach is a very romantic setting for your wedding. Whether you are a romantic beach bride or a destination bride, there are beach wedding favors to suit your bridal personality and style. Here are some beach wedding favor selections for every style of bride.

The Romantic Beach Bride – if this is you, your view of the beach is of beautiful sunsets and moonlit walks. A perfect wedding favor for your style is the popular "Sea Shell Design" lantern candles. These feature beveled sand colored glass lanterns and a rim of seashells. They would make lovely centerpieces or gifts. When lit, they emit a soft ivory glow – a great reminder of the beach.

The Modern Beach Bride – modern beach brides love the beach, but also love their sense of style. You probably have been called stylish, chic or trendy. If this describes you, try "Hot Wedding" Personalized sunscreen as your favors. Available in 21 theme designs and 27 color schemes, not only can this beach favor personal (a hot trend) but can match your colors. With so many designs and color options, no two brides who select this favor will be giving the same gift.

The Destination Beach Bride – where your wedding takes you, chances are both you and your guests will be traveling. A remarkable destination favor are luggage tags, more specifically for beach weddings are flip flop or shell inspired luggage tag designs.

The Classic Beach Bride – sitting in the sun, reading a good book and sipping on a cold drink is your "perfect day at the beach". Share this feeling with your guests by giving them a beach inspired bookmark or personalized cocktail mix favors. Another classic idea is shell inspired wine stoppers or coasters (to put those yummy drinks on!)

The Unique Beach Bride – let's face it – you are unique! Why give the typical sand, shell or blue colored favorites to your guests – you want something different! How about a pink seashell candle? With a ring of pink and white shells you can fit your theme while still being a bit unique. Other unique ideas are crystal shells with faux pearls inside, or shell inspired wooden trinket boxes.

The Fun-Loving Beach Bride – if a typical day at the beach involves sand castles, volleyball, beach balls or catching waves for you, then you are a lighthearted spirit. Try giving flip flop photo frames, beach ball bottle stoppers, or sand castle candles to share your spirit with your guests.

Source by Erica Tevis