3 Best Party Favors for Kids

The biggest fun treat of any party for children are the party favors for kids. Traditionally, favors were the last thing given to children before the end of the party as the last "hoorah". However, party favors today are given at the beginning or during the party as some gift for kids have a role to play during the celebration. Traditionally, favors were all about candies and toys. But today, people match the favors with the theme of their party. For example, if the celebration is about a new car, bags could include a car racing game CD, car toys such as Hot Wheels, or a coloring book full of cars.

In addition to nice decoration and good food, party favors for kids are a great way to show appreciation to your guests for being a part of your celebration. The following are some ways you can make the day more memorable for children:

It is very important to connect party favors for kids with the theme of the party itself. For example, you can use CD's to complement any party theme without much effort. If you are throwing a Disney themed party, then offering a CD of famous Disney cartoons as a party gift is a great idea.

Goodie Bag
Party favors for kids can also be offered as goodie bags. Nothing could be more exciting than getting a goodie bag filled with different types of gifts. Interestingly, goodie bags are a very exciting way to show your appreciation. You can decorate goodie bags and use different colors to make it look very attractive. Moreover, you can match goodie bags with the theme of your party easily. Goodie bags can be custom made or can be purchased randomly from the market according to your party's theme.

Craft Creations
This is the most innovative gift that is commonly used nowdays. Craft creations are a popular party favors for kids because they serve two important purposes. First, it provides a treat to children attending your party and allows them to conduct an activity at the same time. Some fun craft creation ideas include making pets, making juice box dolls, decorating bands, decorating cookies, making jewelry out of beads, and decorating picture frames. Children can have a lot of fun doing these activities and can later take them home as a goody bag.

These are just a few examples of common party favors for kids. You can always add your own creativity and imagination to make it as exciting as you can.

Source by Fay K