African Decor Review – What's Driving the African Decor Craze?

African decor adds versatility and excitement to any room. The range of moods can go from quiet and cozy to bold and daring. African themed rooms and accents can give a cold, lifeless space a shot of boldness and adventure. That's why more eclectic interior designers continue to use it in their designs and seek it for inspiration.

More interior designers continue to discover the added interest African room accents can quickly bring to an awkward cold, dead space. African figurines, sculptures and other artwork can also act as a rooms vocal point adding character and depth to a room.

The colors, patterns, and materials of this exotic decor can suit any rooms theme. The flexibility of this colorful decor has stood the test of time, whether you're interior is simple or neat. The versatility of Africa inspired accents continue to impress more and more contemporary designers across the globe.

African decor includes many styles and categories. For example, wood carvings hand-fashioned into statues, colorful hand beaded baskets, clay pottery and much more. Safari interior home accents also has something for every style of homeowner and taste; that's what's making it grab the attention of a whole new generation.

African Americans continue to seek more themes from Africa in there home interior design plans. They see it as an expression of pride in their culture as well as an exciting and creative interior design choice.

The earth-friendly, hand-made materials that go into African home furnishings make it a favorite among conservationist, ecologist and environmentalist. The growing concern about environmental and toxic waste, plus landfill management makes African home decor more appealing.

Most of the materials that go into this popular room comes from easily renewable woods (such as mango, bamboo and coconut), metals, and other natural materials. Most important, the natural process leaves no toxic waste like other manufactured home decor products do.

The ancient techniques used by skilled craftsmen and women, handed down for centuries from ancestor to ancestor has remained almost the same.

Even the tools used to carve, weave and fashion the hand-made home decor products have remained practically the same over the years. The results? A hand-fashioned piece no machine, processing plant or mold can copy.

Design favors of African room accents also include picture frames, African art, baskets, iron sculpture art, wall accents, pottery, ceramics, and much more. Increasing number of designers are moving away from the mass-produced, manufactured home accessories to the natural timeless look like African decor.

Source by Roy J Primm