Are Drink Coasters Really Necessary?

Coasters are optional home décor accessories that can add subtle yet powerful functions to your home. But do we really need them? This article will take a look at the various benefits of having these items in the home, as well as any possible drawbacks, in order to help you decide if your space could benefit from the presence of a set of coasters.

First we should look at the inherent nature of coasters. They are designed specifically to act as barriers, the last line of defense between sharp, wet, or drippy objects, like glasses, and the precious perfection of your table top surfaces. The main question to ask when deciding whether to purchase coasters is, how much do I care about having a perfectly unmarred table top?

Some people have expensive tables in their home, crafted from fine woods, stone, or other materials. Although these materials can be quite strong and durable, they often have weaknesses, such as the ability to be scratches, stained, or marred by exposure to water. Generally the decision to use coasters is one of cost versus need, where you have to balance cost of the tables in your home, against the need to use coasters to keep them safe.

One thing many people overlook with coasters is the decorative value that they add to the space. They are small, but numerous, and as such can spread throughout a room, bringing the hue and pattern of their surfaces to every corner of the space. Thus they often have a value artistically to a room that goes above and beyond their actual mundane function as protective pieces.

There is also a symbolic value to coasters. They state not only that you have a meticulous eye for details, but that you also care about those details, and are willing to take the steps necessary to protect your home. While this may seem pretentious in some circles, in others it will simply be respected as the mark of someone who values perfection and beauty.

Coasters are small yet important items that have functional, decorative, and symbolic value in the home. While they may not be for every environment, they do provide a space with a certain distinction that can set it apart from others.

Source by Jim Slate