Baby Shower – A Welcome Home Party For the Newborn Baby

Having a baby is indeed an overwhelming blessing for the parents, friends and relatives. It has been a tradition to welcome an upcoming child by throwing a baby shower party. When you decide to throw such party, there are lots of important elements you don’t want to forget. And if you really want to have a successful party, make sure to spend plenty of time on planning and preparing before the shower day comes.

Kinds Of Shower

When hosting a baby shower party, you should first understand the purpose of the shower itself. The plan should start by deciding what type or theme of the shower you want to host. There are many options you may opt to choose from. One of the most popular is a Surprise baby shower, this can work well if the circumstances agree. If it is not the first baby of the mom, a Sprinkle type of shower would be more ideal. But if you want to celebrate the party after the baby is born, a Welcome home shower is a great choice. If you plan on inviting both sexes, then you have to decide for a coed celebration or a couples baby shower.

Shower Decorations

There are plenty of interesting ways to decorate a themed shower party. While you are on a concept of using candies as your table decorations, you should also remember the party theme that you have decided to go with. One of the most popular decoration in any is the diaper cake. You can either buy a diaper cake or you can make your own. This cake is consist of rolled up diapers with different baby items and accessories. The parents can take the diaper cake home after the shower party.

Another nice shower decorations are shower gifts. Let all the guests place their gifts on the decorated tables, making each table look dazzling and beautiful because of the different gift items wrapped with fancy wrappers. Another great choice of gift that can make a perfect decoration is a baby gift basket. This gift basket should include several baby supplies like few clothing, blankets, socks, hats, toys and baby bottles. Finally, such supplies could also use as decorations at the shower party. Feeding bottles can be filled with bright-colored candies, as well as accessories in the shower games.


Of course, there should be foods for everyone. One great idea is to cook your own menu or bake a special baby shower cake. Although buying one seems to be more easier, but you can find some creative ways to make a wonderful cake for the celebration.

Shower gifts are also expected at the party. Although it is not mandatory for the guests to buy gifts for the new little bundle of joy, essential gifts like baby clothing, blankets, feeding bottles, baby furniture can be very useful for the mom. Lastly, you want also to give something in return to everyone who attended the special event. Shower favors may include cute baby items like personalized socks, hats, pacifiers, feeding bottles and the likes.

Source by Janet Verra