Black And White Party Ideas To Help You Host The Event Of The Year!

Black and white party ideas to help you jazz it up a bit and recreate the glitz and glamour of Truman Capote’s infamous ball. This is the perfect theme for engagement, dinner, anniversary, or birthday parties.

CLOTHING AND COSTUME OPTIONS – Generally, this type of party will give you a great excuse to host a formal affair. Tell your guests to break out their tux and start puttin’ on the Ritz! For added “fun”, this party could easily incorporate a bit of the mafia. All the guys could wear zoot suits and hats. The ladies could adorn themselves with cocktail dresses or formal gowns. If you opt for a less formal affair, then open up the costume door and invite your guests to wear creations comprised of the party colors. Things like a referee, jester, bride, nun, prisoner, bat, ghost, etc. all fall within your color parameters.

AWESOME INVITES – Invitations may be done in a special way to mark the event. Set the tone for the party with a professional and formal-looking invite. Do it up right and include an R.S.V.P. card for your guests to mail back confirming their attendance.

DECORATING OPTIONS – It is interesting to note, that this is the kind of party in which decorations can be done quite inexpensively or extravagantly. The choice is yours as to how much glitz and glam you will be adding and to what extent you are willing to pay.

Here’s an inexpensive decoration that packs a lot of punch. Hot glue ribbons, ribbon roses, and strands of pearls to various sized candles. Place the candles on a mirror and sprinkle with confetti.

ROOM TRANSFORMATION – The quickest way to set the tone for this party, is to transform your walls so your theme screams spectacular. Visit thrift shops and stock up on white sheets. Then hop on over to discount fabric stores and pick-up some black fabrics. For added interest, alternate the colors to cover your walls, but do so in a pleated fashion.

Cover your ceiling with twisted streamers, once again, using the alternating of colors. Be sure to keep the streamers close to one another to completely envelop the ceiling. This will definitely give your room a cool wow-factor.

Although you may only be seeking black and white party ideas, it is fine to have silver as a part of this color theme. This party lends itself nicely to hanging glitzy silver moons and stars from your ceiling, at various lengths, using thread or fishing line. Your party room will look stunning and will definitely rate high on the cool wow-factor meter!

TERRIFIC TABLES – Tables should be covered with white tablecloths and napkins with black overlays. Another striking option is to use black tablecloths and napkins with silver overlays. To stay on target with the theme, formal place settings should be used. This is a great time to bring in the silver and put on the dog. If need be, borrow dishes and the like from some of your guests. The key is to go all out and make this a bash to remember.

PARTY FOOD -Big decision – to stay on theme and only serve foods that are in your party colors, which is a very challenging feat to accomplish or go off-color and serve whatever your little heart desires, whatever you can cook up, or whatever you might truck in and have the caterers create. If you decide to go off-color, at least stay on-theme and serve a formal four-course meal. If you stay on-color, then let the brainstorming begin. Here’s a few ideas to get your brain to spring into action. Cheesecake is the right color and indeed a great choice. Yum! Chicken Alfredo is a perfect main dish and definitely is in keeping with allowed colors. Mashed potatoes, black and/or white beans are color-perfect side dishes.

BOTTOM LINE: There’s so many ways one can adapt Black and White Party Ideas to create a spectacular party. You don’t have to opt for highbrow decor in order to be successful. In all you do, just stay with your respective colors and you will ultimately create a stunning affair.

Source by Elizabeth Chastain