Business executives and owners have to make hard decisions every day: and a recent client of ours was no exception.

They faced difficult decisions about their market strategy, leadership team, business model, and even office spaces. After tightening their belt and regrouping, they quickly began growing by leaps and bounds and were ready for a new space for their Texas office, and reached out to Delaney’s Design for turn-key design services.

The challenges for us were to incorporate the requirements conveyed by their leadership team during our pre-construction design meeting and create a unique design that met their criteria for function and style.

Delany’s Design has never met a challenge we didn’t accept and deliver on, and this was no exception: we got to work right away.

Our first step was to understand the organization, team dynamic, and functionality needs in order to create warmth and personality in what could have otherwise been a typical corporate, uninspiring office space.

The outcome of our transformation exceeded all of our client’s expectations.

Their new space has increased productivity and energized employee morale. The compliments and positive feedback continues to flow from staff and guests alike.

This beautiful space reflects their company’s brand and their tremendous success. Further, I’m happy to share that their business growth has continued, and office expansion is on the horizon.

If you’re ready to upgrade your offices and prepare for your next growth period, then let’s connect and start with a Delaney’s Design Roadmap <<<

We’ll partner together to design your office for the business of today and the future.