Cars for Kids, Build One From a Kitchen Swing Bin and a Laundry Basket!

The kit car industry in the UK is massive the following is massive! Children’s Kit Cars is a whole new marketplace! The building of a kit cars for kids is a lot of the fun in fact most people just take pleasure in building them.

I built my first kids car in a weekend, and to be truthful it was not that expensive really taking into account the end result. You can build one for less than £100. When you are looking for a car for kids you need to have a think to your self whether or not you just want the end product or whether you want the joy and excitement of the build?

Most people like the thrill of the build, but the look on the faces of your children or grandchildren when they see the finished car is worth every minute that you spent. If building your own child’s racing car interests you, then we can supply you with the plans, directions and full size templates to make it come about.

The Most amazing thing is that you can build a car for kids from a Kitchen Swing Bin and a Laundry Basket! Throw in a couple of bits of MDF, and a cordless drill and away you go.

The proper geared steering is made from pieces of threaded bar and a bicycle inner brake cable wrapped around a rubber bobbin made from a doorstop!! The Steering Wheel is from a Wii Console. It’s so straightforward you won’t believe it!

Source by Dave Ricky J Crewe