Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas Inside Your Home

It is not enough that you buy a really great gift. Oftentimes, it is also necessary to wrap it up in the nicest possible way to make it more presentable. No matter how expensive a gift is, if it is shabbily presented, it will not create a great first impression.

Many actually spend dollars in having their gifts gift-wrapped. In fact, there are even cases when the gift wrap is even more expensive than the gift itself! That is how brutal gift wrapping is.

Wrapping a gift does not need to be complicated and the materials need not be too expensive. You just have to do it cleanly and with a professional or personal flair. Professional gift wrappers, in fact, use whatever items are within their reach and still manage to create great pieces of artwork.

Below are some ideas that can help you do the wrapping yourself.

1. Use Newspapers

You do not have to use fancy gift wrappers to be able to create a great first impression. Newspapers for instance make really great gift wrappers. You can either use the paper as it is and just add some fancy and glittery ribbons or dye the paper to a color that you like.

Because of the simplicity of the newspaper, you can use really fancy ribbons even those with Holiday patterns. Another idea in the use of newspapers as gift wrap is the fact that it can be dried to resemble an old rotting newspaper by using coffee. Through this, you can achieve an antique look.

2. Use household items that you do not use

Scour your house for items that you no longer use. For instance, do you have a table cloth or runner that you are not using. It is already tattered around the edges, cut them and use the cloth as a gift wrap. How about tassels from your window dressing?

You can use that in place of a ribbon in gifts. Plastics and paper napkins that have a festive and Holiday feel can also be used for gifts. The same goes with ribbons that you have collected from grocery items or tags from clothes and products that you have made. The possibilities are endless.

3. Old costume jewelry and other items

There are actually a lot of things that you can use to embellish a wrapped gift. Old costume jewelries that have been broken, can still be used for decorations. Beads may also be used as well as old buttons that are just sitting idle in the sewing box.

Source by Low Jeremy