Designing Your Baby’s Nursery

Wonderful news! You are expecting a baby! Now comes the time to plan for your new bundle of joy and one of the things you are going to want to plan is how to do up your baby’s nursery. For one thing, you will need to make it a peaceful area where the baby can sleep (hopefully) and eat. Designing your baby’s nursery does not have to be one of the more difficult tasks of planning for your child’s birth. Just follow a few simple tips to design a sweet room for your new arrival.

When designing your baby’s room, you want to think about ways to create a soothing environment for your baby. After all, you will want your baby to sleep as much as possible! Choosing cooler colors, such as blues or greens, can create a calming environment for your newborn. You may also want to choose baby-friendly themes to paint on the walls. Babies actually focus well on black and white because of the sharp contrasts, so you may want to think of objects that will really stand out to your baby.

While you are deciding on the theme of your nursery, you need to be shopping for nursery furniture. The most important item you need for your nursery is the crib. Whether you decide on a bassinet or a convertible crib, you will definitely need a safe place for your baby to sleep. You will also need somewhere to put your baby’s clothes, so you may want to look at dressers while you are looking into cribs. Changing tables are also a nice addition to the nursery, but you can find dressers that double as a changing table if you do not have the space for a lot of furniture in the nursery. Next to the crib, the second most important piece of furniture for your nursery is a rocking chair. You will be very thankful for this very practical purchase when you stumble into the baby’s room for late-night feedings!

Once you have chosen your nursery theme, you may want to consider looking at flooring. You will spend many nights pacing the floor with your infant, so you want to have something that will be soft on your feet. There are many rugs for sale now that are quite comfortable. Wool flokati area rugs are especially comfortable for weary feet! You do not want to have to worry about putting on slippers when you have to get up for that 4 a.m. feeding, so think of the comfort factor when looking for rugs for the nursery.

No matter how you design your nursery, remember that the baby is not going to know the difference. So if you cannot afford to purchase brand new furniture or paint a mural on the wall, do not feel that you are not prepared for your baby! The important thing to remember is that you have the basic necessities to care for your baby and that, most importantly; you give the baby a lot of time for some TLC!

Source by Fran Sloan