There’s no space in your home that’s more important to your mental health and well-being than your bathroom.

It’s a place to retreat from the world for a little while to relax and recharge.

After she’d owned it for a decade, my client’s custom-built home was ready for an update.

Part of the update was transforming her bathroom into a place of livable luxury that better reflects who she is today.

Nothing sets the mood better than a custom-designed bathroom tailored precisely to your needs!

Now one the the best times of her day is relaxing in the tub, soaking the stress away.

The bathroom also comes with an oversize mirror and spacious countertop, perfect for getting ready for any occasion.

My client wanted to extend the same feeling of livable luxury to her guests, too, so we transformed the guest bathroom as well.

Now it’s ready to welcome company at a moment’s notice

My client absolutely loves her new bathroom, because it better reflects her lifestyle today.

Your bathroom can be a sanctuary, too: a place where you can escape and relax after a long day. If your personal retreat doesn’t make you feel absolutely wonderful, then let’s connect!