History of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds originated from the ancient Romans.  During those times, people traveled on paved roads made of cobblestones and dirt or dust were everywhere because of the dry and hot climate.  When the Roman Coliseum construction began, they began making carved stone structures which polluted the environment with lots of dust in the air and, well, it was everywhere.  Then the people began hanging damp clothes on their windows to avoid uninvited dusts from going into their houses.  It also provided them with shade from the sun while keeping dusts at bay.

Later the Romans used roman blinds to keep the sun out of their way to keep from heat of the weather. Romans loved creativity and the Roman blinds were no exception.  It became an additional decorative item in each household; it came in different designs and colors.  Through the years, the roman binds have widely been available and have innovated with drawstrings or cords to make it easy to lower or raise, depending on what you want and need.  Not only does it prevent the rays of the sun in coming inside, some blinds also have layers of insulation to prevent cold drafts during winter or cold weather.

These blinds are fast in becoming a well-known addition to every home.  It has no garters; a cord connected to dowel rods or slats is attached to make soft pleats when it is raised to welcome some sunlight and air to come in, while it straightens flat when it is lowered.   You can opt for a design that suits your home and taste.  It is vital to choose the right fabric type like a fabric woven closely to make it particularly stiff, for example. Never rush when choosing the right blind.

Today, Roman blinds come in assorted fabrics and in different materials such as wood, cloth, etc.  Blinds made of cloth material can be tedious to maintain their cleanliness that is why they also invented bamboo blinds as an alternative.  Whatever material you chose your blinds to be made of, all are accent pieces hang over your windows and minimize the light and heat from the sun, and they also keep dust from coming in your home.

Besides being readily available, Roman blinds are also fairly easy to hang yourself, and in fact most come with screws and everything needed to mount them on your windows. If you aren’t able to do this for yourself, for whatever reason, generally the shops where you buy the blinds from also have people who can come and hang them for you or you can find instructions on the Roman Blinds site

Source by Susan L. West