Home Decor – Picking Paint Color Part II

Changing the look of a room with paint can be extremely fun or excruciatingly painful. My goal is to give you some information to think about when picking paint in order to make the project fun. Always remember to look at your house as a whole, and have a good idea how you want each room to look. You want the colors to flow into each other as you walk through your house. At the same time, you don’t have to paint every room the same color. The first part of your mission is to pick the room and then the mood you want to set in that room. Once you have those two items checked off your list, you can move on to the two other items to consider when picking paint for the rooms in your house. Below are a few more items to consider on your journey.

The third thing you can start to think about when picking paint color is the lighting in the room. The type of light you have in your room can make a huge difference in the actual color of the paint when it is on the walls. There are three types of light that can affect color. Natural light shows the truest color of the paint on a wall. Incandescent light brings out the warm tones and yellow in color. Fluorescent light casts sharp blue tones on color. When picking paint you need to know what type of light is in the room your decorating, and how it is going to affect the color you have chosen. If you have fluorescent lighting and have chosen a blue paint color, when you get the paint on the walls it may not be the same blue color you were expecting. Make sure you are aware of the type of lighting you have in the room you have chosen to paint, so you know how the color may be affected.

The fourth thing to do is to learn the color terms. Knowing the terms will help you understand color, and how different things can affect the different colors. This will enable you to choose paint color easier. The main things to know about color are below:

  • Hue – hue is the color
  • Value – how dark or light the hue is
  • Saturation – how dominant the hue is. For example, red is more dominant and pink is less dominant
  • Intensity – the brilliance of the color. The stronger or intense the color is the more dominant it is

Once you understand the color terms you will have an easier time picking out paint color for your home decorating.

Source by BG Rickert