How to Convert Ideas Into Fast Moving Products

Ideas are a dime a dozen. They're in the ether just floating about waiting for you to grab them. They're all around you every day. When you walk down the street. When you drink your coffee. But ideas are not particularly useful.

At least not until you convert ideas into fast moving products!

But how?

That's the one question that will make or break you as a learning content creator. Knowing how to repeatedly turn your ideas into fast moving products.

So how do you convert ideas into fast moving products? In this article I'm going to show you five steps to turn your ideas into information products that sell quickly.

1. A good idea starts outside; A great idea starts with your customers.
Whatever you do you need to start by knowing your customer. Before you start determine who your preferred customer is. Then go after them. After you've got customers you need to get to know them and their needs. In short, ask them for their ideas of what they would like developed.

2. Motivation is everything.
People buy because they are motivated to buy. Something in their life says you need this product to be fulfilled. If they are not motivated they will not buy. So you need to know why they are motivated. You need to know what motivates them. Without a motivated buyer your learning content product will not succeed.

3. Solve it, Avoid it, Achieve it or Forget it.
Once you know what is stimulating your audience you can step in front. You can use your idea to provide the solution. So what motivates your audience? Problems are the most important. Fear of an undesirable result – in other words a future problem – is the next. And bringing up the rear is the desire for a good result. If you want you idea to succeed it needs to solve a problem, avoid an undesirable result or achieve a desired end. If it does not do one of these things – forget it. No matter how great the idea, your customers are not going to buy into it.

4. Systematize it.
So now you've got a great idea for a fast moving product. Cool. Now you need to turn that into a system. Why a system? Because your audience will need to be able to reproduce your results. They need to be able to succeed with your solution. And to do that your solution must be reproducible. And a system is designed to produce a particular result time after time after time.

5. Develop it.
Okay, I admit it I'm being lazy. But there's a reason. The difference between a slow moving product and a fast moving product is in the previous four steps. The system you use to develop your information product will determine your returns and your reputation. All that you need to do is develop those ideas that have made it this far using your usual system.

Source by Glen Ford