Ideas For Bathroom Vanity Furniture

The bathroom is an often overlooked room in terms of interior design, yet can be one of the most beautiful rooms in the house if treated and furnished correctly. The range of bathroom vanity furniture that is available these days allows some truly excellent design ideas to be incorporated into the room and not only is this to be enjoyed, but it can be a fantastic selling point should you wish to sell.

Of particular interest has been the rise in availability of stylish and innovative basins. These are available in a wide range of different materials, shapes, styles and colours, so if you want a traditional bathroom or a more modern look both can be accommodated.

Very popular at the moment are glass basins, these being made from reinforced and toughened glass that is shatterproof and hardy. They can be fitted to the wall, or onto the top of a stylish and impressive cabinet, and many are designed to give a stand alone look by appearing to simply be placed below the faucet or tap. This is a truly excellent way of making a bathroom look modern and contemporary, yet still remaining usable and practical.

If glass is not your thing these stylish sink basins can also be found in ceramics, painted or moulded to different colours and hues that add to the look of a contemporary bathroom design. The problems of the coloured bathroom suite – a long discarded idea that rendered many a bathroom ugly – are long gone as these colours are stunning, leading to tiled bathrooms that are colour coded to look stylish and chic.

For a more traditional look the old fashioned style of ‘butlers sink’ is proving very popular. These are large ceramic white rectangular basins that tend to mounted on a traditional style wash stand, yet are made to the exacting modern standards expected of today’s bathroom furniture and are very beautiful indeed.

Adding a butlers sink to the bathroom created presence like no other, and is a very substantial and usable item that is both present day and traditional at the same time.

Further modern items include a wide range of wall mounted ceramic sinks, these designed to be either very modern in style – shallow dished sinks that appear to float from the wall – or very traditional, with the well known rectangular shape among the most popular on offer. White ceramic sinks are the most popular sellers, as they can be incorporated into any design.

Wash stands are a necessity too, with the old fashioned pedestal making way for more intricate supporting devices. The best looking of these are made to traditional styles from a variety of woods, and add grace and class to any bathroom design.

Faucets have taken on a design life of their own – the traditional mixer or split hot and cold taps, plus modern contraptions that supply water as a waterfall, a very effective and beautiful look – and are available to complement any style of sink basin that may fit your needs. Bathroom vanity furniture no longer needs to be a secondary consideration.

Source by Tim Lee