Kids Rooms – Reading Corner

When decorating your child’s room, remember to include a space for reading. As an elementary school teacher, I recommend choosing low rise bookshelves to store/display books where your child can easily access them. Bookshelves that allow books to rest face up, are best for young children as it allows the child to see the books cover. Some of these bookshelves are double sided for ample storage.

These types of bookshelves are often found in classrooms and your child will recognize the home/school connection. Small bookshelves that show the books spine is better for older children but also for saving space. If your bookshelf is unsteady, be sure to fasten it to the wall for safety. Children tend to climb on anything that looks fun. Remember to encourage your child to read to you each night. I know this can be difficult at times, as the home life is always quite busy, but try to make time, even if it is just 5 minutes. Get comfortable in a chair or even on your child’s bed to enjoy a book. Comfortable blankets and bedding are also a must!

When reading to your child, encourage them to choose a book they enjoy. Take part in ‘shared reading’. Your child should have the opportunity to read to you and in turn, you will offer assistance in phonetics and word attack skills. Allow for independence. For children ages 4 and up, discuss the story’s details as you are reading. Remember, get comfortable and build reading into your nightly routine. Have fun and happy reading!

Source by Bianca Reda