Locker Organizer Ideas and Decorating Tips For Boys

Although boys typically are not as excited about decorating their school lockers as girls are, there are some accessories available that will keep them organized and have their lockers looking ‘trendy’ yet ‘cool’. The primary thing that every student (boy or girl) should have in their lockers, are organizers. The locker organizer is the single most important accessory that can have impact on your student’s grades. Poor organization skills often result in late assignments, missing assignments, poor test grades and more.

The Locker Organizer

Choose a basic design one that is simplistic, yet effective. Most times boys choose accessories that are cut and dry. No need for all of the frill and flowers, just a simple tool to get the job done. As a parent you want to make sure that you get the best organizer that your student can use. There are some that have one shelf but ideally you want to use an organizer that has two shelves, giving your student the ability to now have two sections to store his school supplies and textbooks. Also you want to make sure the organizer/shelf is durable. Most times students have very heavy textbooks and the weight capability is a very important factor to be considered.

Now for the fun stuff. The next item on the agenda is the decorating part. It is a true statement that the amount of accessories available for girls far outweighs the accessories available for boys however, there are fun school locker ideas for boys as well.

Wall decals

Wall decals are primarily thought of to be used for walls, however because of the material that they are made of is a thin yet flexible vinyl material, they adhere to just about every surface and most are repositionable. The designs to choose from are unlimited and just about any idea from sports themes, cartoon characters, to simple shapes can be found.

Magnetic Locker Mirror

Always a plus, the boys have to make sure their hair and clothes are intact too.

Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Good for leaving reminders homework assignments, appointments etc or use it to write the joke of the day.

There are tons of locker accessories that are perfect for the boys. Similarly locker organizers are a great starter item, if your student does not want to be bothered with the extra accessories and is actually the most important item that he can use.

Source by Julie L. Fisher