Making a Pineapple Costume at Home

Halloween is around the corner and dressing up kids for this special day is the biggest challenge of the season! This includes numerous trips to the seasonal stores for buying a charming, yet expensive, dress for your little one. Why spend so much just for an evening when you can easily craft your own masterpiece for this special day that too in the comfort of your own home? Whether they want to appear proud ghosts, ghouls, monsters or witches on this special day, pineapples or jack-o-lantern pumpkins are always in fashion. With a number of great, untraditional costume ideas around, you can actually create a costume on your own, or even better with help from your kids to dress them up your way or perhaps the way they want to appear. Costumes made at home are affordable and adorable, plus they involve the love and creativity of the entire family to help your child appear the most adorable, ghastliest and ghostliest kid around. Here in this article, we will look at how you can create your own pineapple costume at home.

To create a pineapple costume, you will require the following things:

• An yellow t-shirt (preferably of XXL size or any oversized yellow t-shirt)

• A pair of scissors

• An elastic

• Fabric glue

• Pieces of brown felt, cut in medium-large triangular pieces

• A green thread

• A needle

• A green headband

• Some green faux leaves

• Tights or leggings (preferably green)

• A newspaper

Once you have the material ready you will need to begin with the first step of preparing your t-shirt for the costume. Begin by making a vertical slit towards the right closure of the shirt. The slit should be about an inch in length. Next, put the elastic through the opening formed by the hem while leaving the tails hanging out from both sides of the cut.

Now you need to put the pineapple on the t-shirt. For the pineapple, with the help of your child paste the pineapple’s ridges on the t-shirt with brown felt triangles arranged in a criss-cross pattern all across the t-shirt using the fabric glue. Fill the entire t-shirt with these triangles to make it look like a pineapple. Next, comes decorating your headband. For that you will need to attach a number of faux leaves on green headband using the green thread. Once that is done, tie them up in a fountain ponytail fashion on top of the head to shape the leaves of the pineapple. Next comes the turn of tights or leggings. Make your child wear green tights or leggings to keep her warm. Last, put on the pineapple costume t-shirt over your child’s head and fill the t-shirt with a lot of newspapers crumpled up such that it appears round from all sides. Now close the elastic tight at the bottom of the t-shirt. Put the headband on and now she is all set for trick-or-treating.

Source by Will Thurman