Medieval Themed Bedroom With Low Loft Beds

The medieval theme is a very popular theme with many young children. Many parents like to decorate their children’s bedrooms to fit the theme with shields, swords, banners and flags. But the best way to actually reinforce the medieval theme is with a castle.

You can create this castle using a low loft bed. Many low loft beds are able to be converted into beautiful castle beds by using tent covers that go over the top loft and also around the bottom platform.

The tent covers on the bottom can be made to look like impenetrable castle walls, complete with gates and castle windows. The top loft is another layer of fortress, topped with towers, banners and of course ladder access, great for role playing invasions and castle sieges.

Castle beds are very good for creating a central focus in the castle theme bedroom. Having lots of accessories will appear haphazard and messy, but the low loft bed will help to unify all that and give the room a proper theme.

The shields and swords can now be used to decorate the loft bed or the room walls like coat of arms, and if they are not in used, you can also store them inside the castle bed, keeping the room neat and tidy.

Besides furniture and items, the bedroom walls can also be painted to enhance the medieval look. You can paint the walls to include hills and landscapes featuring faraway castles, just like how it is in the movies and games. Or you can have dragons (if you have very good artists for your painters) and caves with treasure hoards. Imagine how much fun your children are going to have. It will be so good you want a castle bed of your own.

And what’s a themed bedroom if you don’t have very much to play with in the room? With a low loft castle bed, your kids can have hours and hours of fun play acting and playing their friends in the room.

Source by Eric Tai