Repairing Broken Porcelain Figurines

Porcelain figurines that are stored from previous decades now have a large value. There are many people who love collecting porcelain figurines and dolls because they find them very artistic and creative. However time after time these figurines might be a part of an unwanted accident and they can break down into pieces. Sometimes even if they don’t have an accident, they might show signs of cracking because they are getting old. At these cases there are some simple steps you can complete in order to make the porcelain figurines as good as original.

You first of all need to determine how big the damage is. If we are talking about just a small chip, you can fix the figurine yourself but if it’s broken into a lot of pieces then it’s very advisable to send it to an expert. But nevertheless, it’s your own decision and if you think you can handle it, then try to! Start by collecting all the pieces that belong to the figurine. Even the smallest pieces will give you a help so never throw them away. Then you need to find a place that has a lot of light and you might also need a magnifier if you are dealing with a small figurine. Purchase polymer glue or epoxy glue at your local store if you are dealing with chipped pieces, or if you need to fill holes or missing pieces, you can use porcelain enamel or bondo. After you purchase these products, all you need to do is put glue on the chipped pieces and hold them in their original positions for a minute, or if you are dealing with holes, apply the porcelain enamel or bondo on the holes and let them dry overnight.

If you think that the figurine has had severe damages, it’s for the best to take it to the expert. If you try to repair it by yourself, you might end up by further damaging it and more damage is the least the figurine needs at this peak.

Source by John Harkins