Stop Saving It

I don’t know about you, but I’m a saver. Despite my kids’ belief, I’m not a hoarder, but I definitely save stuff. I have a really nice notebook that I should be writing in, but I’m saving it because I love it. In truth, I have more than one of these. I have some really nice perfume that I use on special occasions, but I should be using it every day. I have some soaps that are really beautiful and some candles that smell awesome, but do I use them? Nope. I save them, just like the lovely stationery that I have and don’t use. I look at these things now and then but won’t use them.

I’m not sure what I’m saving them for. I know in my head that if use the notebook, I’m pretty sure I can find another one that I really like. I can definitely run into any store and find some great soaps to replace the ones I should be using. I realize that I should be using all of these things in my daily life and not saving them for special occasions. Every day is a special occasion, after all. I got up this morning, I made it out of bed and managed (most of) my to-do’s on my list today. For that alone, I think I probably deserve a spray of perfume or a special note to a friend written on beautiful paper.

There’s really no point in saving these things. I can guarantee that my own kids will not feel the same way about them that I do. Why should I keep them to be passed on to them? Nobody else will have the sentimental attachment or the “pull” that I felt when I purchased these items. I got them because they made me feel good. I should go ahead and use them for that very same reason. I think this follows the same theory of eating dessert first. Life should be experienced here in this very moment. We should just go ahead and use every single thing that we have that makes us happy. Every day we do the best job that we can and we deserve something that makes us feel special, whether it’s lighting a candle, putting on some music, writing in a beautiful journal… whatever it is that makes you happy. So go ahead and use it up­­… stop saving it!

Source by Debbie L. Bajgert