Tapestries – Make Your Home Decor Dreams Come True

In today's world, a home is not only a place to lay your weary head at night, but an escape. Here, you can unwind, entertain, indulge in your favorite hobby or pursuit, spend all day reading a torrid romance or simply enjoy an environment that is yours and yours alone.

One of the best ways to escape the workaday world is to decorate your home so that it represents your dreams. Unlike the office or a hotel room, your home can be anything you want it to be – a dream come true, if you wish.

Following are some ways to turn your home into a dream home using tapestries:

1. Entertaining Guests with Tapestries

As with paintings, tapestries can take your guests on a journey. It can delight them, challenge them, intrigue them or simply entertain. From bold adventures of knights to the whimsical humor of the masters, a finely woven and crafted tapestry can illuminate and entertain in ever exciting ways. One thing's for sure, your guests will be drawn to them over and over again, going over their fine detail and pondering their origins and meaning as well as appreciating their beauty and grandeur.

2. Creating the Mood You Want with Tapestries

Tapestries are also a great mood setter. You can accent the decor in your home with bright and cheery florals and still lifes of fruit, or create a sense of wonder about what is just around the bend in a lovely forest scene. An aura of mystery can be had with the mythical beasts of fantasy, including a favorite theme – unicorns. Or take your guests on a spiritual journey with classic and modern versions that explore the many themes of religion and belief. These tapestries can deepen an existing mood in the room you are decorating or create a vibrant contrast of opposites.

3. Travel to Another Space and Time

Depending on your personal tastes, tapestries can also help you transcend space and time, allowing you to visit other worlds, other times or other civilizations simply by peering into one of the tapestries. Go with Sir Lancelot on his many adventures with the Knights of the Round Table. Walk a pastoral garden next to a villa by a lake. Enjoy a stuben moment in a wooded glen between two lovers. Or witness the Norman invasion of England as it unfolded in 1066 with the Bayeaux Tapestry. The places and times you can visit with tapestries is limited only by your imagination and the people and places you find interesting.

Whatever dream you want to come true, a fine tapestry can help you realize it. With their unique beauty and timeless poignancy, tapestries continue to be one of the most popular decoration options for homeowners. The stunning detail and fine craftsmanship make them a treasured part of anyone's home as well as a conversation piece. Sometimes that's why smart homeowners continue to turn to tapestries as an alternative to ordinary paintings or other works of art.

Source by Tom Matherson