The Feel of Color

Color is everywhere, indoors, and outdoors. Without color, the world would be black and white. Clothes, furniture, rooms, food, and everything else would be black and white. Adding color to a room personalizes that room. It leaves a statement behind that says you like that look. That look is a part of you; Your likes and dislikes.

Colors can affect the way that you feel. If you are in a bright colored room, you may become tense and unable to relax. If you are in a room with pastels you may be able to relax after a hard day. Here are a few simple ways color can affect your decor.

For A Spacious Feel

Neutral colors are everywhere. These colors are brown tones, white, green, and red tones. The tone can vary from bright primary to a soft color. If you want a room to feel spacious then use these neutral colors. Neutral tones can make the walls and the furniture look like it is further away than what it actually is. However, it's easy for neutral colors like beige to become full and boring so it is recommended that you make up the color in your accessories. You can also add interest to a room by painting one wall with a sponge. It will give the room a different look because of the texture changes alone. Accessorize with deep blue or dark shades of pink to complete the spacious feel. You do not want to add too many other colors.

You can also use low furniture instead of high back. This will make the room feel like it is taller than what is already is. For the windows, use sheer curtains in a neutral coordinating color.

Use simple white rectangular rugs on the floor and set your furniture around it.

For A Soft And Airy Feel

Bedrooms are usually small in size but you can make them feel much larger and comfortable by decorating with color and patterns. Use soft colors that blend very well like light blue and white checkered or lavender and white checkedered. Work your main color in with white to have a completely balanced room. Accessorize the room with brass lamps, white picture frames, and light colored furniture and trim.

Using wallpaper with vertical lines is also a good idea in the bedroom because it brings the focus on the lines and this can draw the eye upward so that the ceiling looks higher.

For A Big And Bright Feel

Bathrooms are always small and that is why it's important to address the bathroom when you are talking about color. You want to use white on the walls and the floor so it will reflect the light. White tiles are perfect for a bathroom wall. You can wipe them down with any type of cleaner and they are white and shiny. You want to keep your bathroom uncluttered, this is not easy in a small bathroom but if you use the right type of storage then you can achieve that look.

If you have a window in the bathroom, you can choose simple white cotton. It's best to mix a little bit of color in the bathroom by adding a simple border of a primary color; Green, red, yellow, or blue.

Complete the look with white cotton rugs that will not only absorb the water from a bath or shower but it will also feel good on your feet and coordinate with your bathroom decor.

Source by Fran Sloan