Twin Birthday Invitations and Party Ideas

Whether you’re hosting your child’s twin birthday or an adult twin birthday, you need to take special care to make sure both birthday twins get a great celebration. Begin with a great theme and awesome twin birthday invitations and you’ll have a great start to a dual celebration.

Two Different Parties

Kids sometimes need to feel like they are one important person, not part of a set. To make your twin kids feel special consider holding two separate parties. Consider splitting your yard or home right down the middle and host two distinct parties with two themes, two separate invitations and two cakes. Of if your budget permits host the parties on two different days. You’ll obviously need to send two birthday invitations with different dates and themes. This can be a big deal to twins who may feel they are treated like two different people.

Your identical – or fraternal – twins may not have identical ideas for their party. Be prepared for two totally different party ideas. Make each party distinct with different décor, different birthday invitations, different entertainment and even different guests. This two-party idea might not work every year, but will go a long way to make your twins feel like two equals celebrating their own birthdays.

Two Parties in One

If two separate parties are not in your budget, consider carry out the twin theme with two of everything. Make ‘twins’ your party theme. Get two cakes; sing two rounds of ‘Happy Birthday,’ hire two clowns, send out two birthday invitations, two of everything. Make sure you let your guests know your theme on both of your birthday invitations. Make sure your guests know that there are two guests of honor and if they choose to bring a gift, they should bring two. This is a great idea for twin children, but can work just as well for older twins, twin teens and even twin adults.

‘Thing One and Thing Two’

While you’re birthday twins are not ‘things’ consider borrowing a page from Dr. Seuss and hosting a ‘Thing One and Thing Two’ party. These two identical ‘things’ make a perfect twin theme. Find Thing One and Thing two party decorations and birthday invitations to carry out your theme. Thing One and Thing Two are dressed in bright read with bright blue hair – great colors to make a vibrant impact at your twin party. This can be a fun party idea for kids and adults alike. Let your guests know that they should come in costume on the birthday invitation and you’ll have a super fun twin birthday party in no time.


While you’re celebrating the twins in your life, why not celebrate famous pairs. Send out your birthday invitation and let your guests know they should come dressed as ‘famous pairs.’ Even better, let your guests come dressed as twins. You’ll have two of everyone if your party. This is a great idea for older and adult twin parties. Your guests’ imagination is the only limitation. Even the twin guests of honor can get in on the act by dressing alike or as their favorite pair.

Celebrating your twin’s birthday should be double the fun for everyone. Start with a fun theme and a great twin birthday invitation and you’ll soon have a fun party for your birthday duo. Don’t be afraid to let your twins celebrate with their own party. Since they’ll be twins for life, one day of the year that is all their own shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Source by Amy Carter