Ways To Improve Your Closet Organization And Design

One of the many storage spaces in your home is the closet. And when talking about closets, you usually think that the bigger they are, the better. But no matter how big your closets are, poor organization will always leave you short of storeroom. There are lots of ways to organize your closet.

1. Employ vertical dimension. You should take full advantage of the available spaces, from the ceiling to the closet’s floor. The bins placed on high shelves and the roll-out chests on the bottom of the closet are great storage for the items that you don’t use often. You can even put an additional closet pole particularly if the ceiling in your home is over nine feet high.

2. Consider lighting. To be functional, your closet should let you see the items inside it. The natural light coming from the window could add illumination but you should be aware that the sunlight is not available all day. At night, you badly need a well-functioning artificial light. This light should be sandwiched between the person and the things on the closet. Fluorescent lights are ideal for such purpose.

3. Be familiar with your wardrobe and your habits. Remember that a closet works well if you are aware on how you are going to utilize it. You must store the items that you used mostly up around your eye level, the less-used wardrobe below and the things that are least-used should be placed high above.

4. Visibility. If you actually see everything – from your underwear, ties and socks – you can really choose well what to wear. So use up the available accessories such as the belt and tie racks, see-through wire crates and the chests with dividers to have all the items well-organized. For optimum versatility, shelves should be movable and adjustable.

5. Don’t overlook the floor of your closet. The closet’s floor matters because you are going to step on it with your naked feet. If you want warmth underfoot, you can use carpet. But if you want cleaning to be easy for you, go for vinyl or wood.

6. Inspect your closet for still-air breeders like molds and mildews. The closets in your home need air flow and dehumidification to protect it from mildew, mold and insects. In this case, you can use bathroom-sized fan or a tiny dehumidifier.

7. Get rid of cedar closets. Though cedar closets help in keeping moths away, their scent can pervade adjacent spaces. So if you don’t want a foul-smelling room, take your cedar closet off it.

Since organizing has been an important part of our everyday lives, it really makes sense to have it extended to our closet. A good closet organization and design can help optimize space utilization, leading to less time spent in searching for your needed items.

Source by Anthony Lee