Updated custom home with full kitchen and bathroom renovation in Dallas-Ft Worth, TX

Building your own custom home makes it feel like it’s truly yours. It’s a reflection of your lifestyle, personality, and the current design trends at the time you build it.

But what happens as time passes… your lifestyle, design trends, technology, and personal style evolves?

Recent clients built their custom home ten years ago. They love the layout, location, and their neighborhood, but the interior felt stale and dated. They wanted a refresh to reflect their life as it is today.

After a year of trying to decide how to update their home on their own, and speaking with other designers and contractors, they felt overwhelmed and deflated with the millions of options and were stuck in the land of indecision. 

A friend recommended Delaney’s Design and we had an immediate connection!

Their old kitchen was dark, and had an unusual layout that wasted a lot of space. We changed the footprint to maximize the floor space, and painted the walls and cabinets soft greige to brighten it up.

It had plenty of cabinets already, but we added a few more for extra storage and to make the most of the available wall space:

Their new, updated kitchen looks stylish and elegant, which better reflects who they are today. And now, they get to enjoy and experience another true luxury in their home: additional storage space.

Their bathroom didn’t reflect their sense of style or function well for their needs. It was heavy with tons of stone and had a dated color scheme that didn’t flow with the other updates and changes we had made throughout the home.


Now they find themselves giddy in the morning because they know what’s waiting for them on the other side of the door.

The home you first fell in love with years ago needs to keep up with your lifestyle. If your home no longer gives you the same feeling as it once did, then it’s time for an update. CLICK HERE and let’s connect to bring you a truly luxurious home that better reflects who you are today!