What makes a home truly luxurious?

Besides the obvious, it can also be something unexpected: having ample storage space so you can choose to display or to hide the things you love (or rarely use.)

One of my clients lives in a custom-built home that is about ten years old. They absolutely love this home, which is quite spacious.

Even though ten years have passed, their home has remained pretty much the same. Recently, they discovered that it no longer reflects who they are, what they need, and what they desire in a home.

So they reached out to me for help, and we began working together to make their home feel like theirs again.

Their old kitchen was dark, and had an unusual layout that wasted a lot of space. We changed the footprint to maximize the floor space, and painted the walls and cabinets soft greige to brighten it up.

It had plenty of cabinets already, but we added a few more for extra storage and to make the most of the available wall space:

Their new, updated kitchen looks stylish and elegant, which better reflects who they are today. And now, they get to enjoy and experience another true luxury in their home: additional storage space. 😉

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